call me crazy.

my story doesn’t start here. no, as a matter of fact, i would say the story started six months ago – but that also isn’t true. the truth is that this story began long before I ever realized it.

but you’ll learn about that. for now, we’ll start here.

in one month, i plan to quit my job and travel the world. scary, exciting. a whirlwind of emotion. when I first booked my flight to Bangkok, my eyes swelled with tears of courage, of this unbelievable pride for following my heart. and as soon as my finger hit that small button, the one that yelled at me to “confirm” my beliefs and desires and dreams – panic set in.

it wasn’t that i was afraid of the unknown. i mean, the unknown is what we are raised to survive in. and it wasn’t fear of what could happen because the same things – theft, rape, death – could just have easily happened on a long, drunk walk home from a bar in my college town. No. the panic had nothing to do with the world outside me but it had everything to do with the world inside me.

i did it anyway.

i pushed that little green button. the one that urged me to pull away, and the one that called for me to go forward. i pushed it with fear and confidence and anxiety and calmness. i did it while my older sister watched on, and i did it with words of encouragement floating through my mind telling me that i would not regret this opportunity.

opportunity. it’s a word i have used a lot in my past three years. working as a writer and strategist in public relations, you learn to choose your words wisely – something I’d always been good at. I had received and earned and taken a number of amazing opportunities, and I had passed those tasks I mastered along to someone else as an opportunity to grow, as I had done. You’ll learn more about that too.

but for me, this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. and it was a part of my story that i couldn’t wait to share.

why? you’ll find out. and i guess, so will i. but in the meantime – i invite you to join me – join me on this journey called life.

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  1. Deane says:

    Do you remember learning Little Orphan Annie and practicing it in front of me? I thought to myself then this kid is going to do something very special and here you go! It will be amazing. Lol Deane


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