the four-month agenda

the four-month agenda is fluid. it isn’t limited by booked hotel rooms or fixed flights, busses or trains. it doesn’t have an itinerary that can’t be changed or thrown out the window. it is free to evolve and morph and serve me as it should. a fluid agenda will allow me to wander and explore and immerse myself in the moment, free of expectation. isn’t it beautiful?

well, with the exception of a few, select plans.

for starters, i arrive in Bangkok, Thailand on March 15. (unless something ridiculous happens.) i will stay in that crazy city for about 2 days (unless i change my mind) before heading to the northern part of Thailand to Chaing Mai. a place full of gorgeous hills and flora – where i’ll take in elaborate temples and get to do something i’m ecstatic for – cooking lessons (one of the 4 points!) I was told by a friend that the town of Pai, is a must-see, so I’ll take his word for it and go visit some ex-pats. Done and done. (for now.) That brings me to day 10.

day 10 will be interesting. i’m going to check out completely from the regular world. i’m going to participate in a Vipassana 10-day meditation retreat. That means no phone, no writing, no talking, no music, no luxury beds, no talking, no exercise, no alcohol, no caffeine, no talking, no meat, no blogging, nothing. i will sit (or walk in circles) in silence. i will wake up at 4:30 every morning for tea and a piece of fruit. (or something.) i will literally clear my mind and sit in physical pain (so i’m told) for hours upon hours on end. like 10 hours! ok, cool.

hopefully i’ll survive. If i do – i´ll end up in the islands of Thailand, where i´ll participate in Songkran, a 3-day celebration of the lunar new year with displays of religious devotion and symbolic water-throwing – aka a giant water fight. and smack dab in the middle of that is the full moon party. a sun-down to sun-up tourist party where you celebrate the full moon with booze, dancing and thousands of your closest friends. (dont worry mom, i’ll make nice friends to protect me.)

then i have a ticket to Singapore. mainly so i could get a visa into thailand. im hoping to extend my time in Thailand – because there is so much more to see but also because i was told i need to recover after the festivities. i actually hope to change the flight/travel to Myanmar and by “change” i mean eat the cost. mainly because i was ill prepared but such is life.

so after my “departure” i have 1.5 months of relative free roaming at this point. obviously, the who, what, when, where, how will change — as expected.

but then i pull it together. in June, I’ll be checking in for a yoga teacher training program on the beaches of Bali, Indonesia. a sort of yoga fusion training that will be in an amazing surf area with tons of music, and culture and amazingness. (i invite you to join me for vacation.)

so that’s it! who knows where the wind will blow?

certainly. not. me.


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    Nice to know


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