the in-betweens

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with the “in between” places. The places that aren’t quite your starting point, and definitely aren’t the finish line. The ones that you just sort of stumble upon and find yourself in. The ones that you sometimes wish looked different or felt different or just didn’t exist. Or the ones that you take a moment to look around yourself and see how beautiful it really is.

Lately, I’ve been in that “in between” place in my life – the fumbling, frustrated, sometimes happy, sometimes sad – “this isn’t where I’m supposed to be” feeling – that I somehow just seemed to have found myself in. The place without much inspiration but tons and tons of perspiration. Where I sweat and toil, and wind the clock, day-in and day-out, and show myself what I’m really made of. When things aren’t going my way or are exactly like I envisioned in my mind way before I made the decisions. It’s here, in the in-between, that I learn about my courage, trust, faith and decision making skills.

14202665_10108771304063164_5634859212145402234_nToday, as I was leaving a place not far from my new home and walking to my damaged, beat up and trusty car – when I looked up and there, in between two dirty parking garages in Detroit, in an alleyway, was this moment of beauty and quiet. It’s not showing the people hurriedly walking to their next meeting, or running on their lunch hour, or shoveling their kids out for a nice day in the city. But it’s there for all those people. To help them get from A to B and all the places in between.

For me, it is a nice reminder of how I view the best parts of life. A little gritty, a little beautiful but always showing you the way to the finish line.

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