Laws of nature

Have you ever seen a leopard prowl slowly through the darkness?
sneak upon its prey in subtle silence

While the moonlight glistens
Yet hides it’s speckled skin

It thrives in comfort
Under the dark black sky

Have you seen the antelope run?
Softly and swiftly to hide from the lurking unknown
Aware of its presence
Yet unsure of where to turn

Keenly the leopard moves, carefully
To ensure its meal.
Low to the ground, its muscles churn
Carrying the weight of its body
And hunger of its soul.

Freely, confidently it dances
Through the night air and
The musical interludes of the surrounding world
Screeches, howls, chirping in the dark
The alarm calls to others in the neighborhood

Unwavering, it hunts
Feeding itself, its lifeblood

Only to wake and repeat it again

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